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Updated Gutenix WordPress Theme Is on Maximum Now


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Gutenix Subscription: Effectual Way to Raise Your Business
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  • Jun 12, 2020
  • 3 min read
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Updated Gutenix WordPress Theme Is on Maximum Now

Even the best need regular changes to stay on top. So, today, we are glad to announce that your favorite Gutenix free WordPress theme was recently updated.

Accordingly, in this post, we’re going to observe new features. Plus, you’ll also find out about ways to subscribe to Gutenix to gain more perks. Yet, one thing at a time, okay?

What Do You Know about Gutenix WordPress Theme?

Gutenix is a free WordPress theme that opens a new approach to website building. It’s created up to the main values of WordPress. Gutenix is surely available for everyone who prefers user-friendliness and innovations. This product not only facilitates website creating but is adjusted for flawless work with the best tools. What tools? Page builders, of course!

As you know, a WordPress page builder is a self-titled software. It’s really impressive that only some years ago the term “page builder” didn’t exist. Websites were made in a so-called classic way while coding. For this reason, not tech-savvy users had to look for developers. Most often, this was costly and took lots of time. Luckily, WordPress page builders are fully accessible in our days.

As for Gutenix free WordPress theme, it provides you with the possibility to create websites with the 3 best builders simultaneously. Undoubtedly, you can launch different web projects on Elementor, Gutenberg, or Brizy. 

Gutenix WordPress theme

Gutenix is for those who want to run WordPress websites that are:

  • fully responsive and retina-ready;
  • perform on high-speed;
  • compatible with all modern browsers;
  • coded with SEO in mind;
  • can be integrated with WooCommerce;
  • and more.

Check New Features of Gutenix

Firstly, the Gutenix WordPress theme was carefully supplied with pre-made page templates, widgets, and diverse elements. Besides, even the most meticulous website settings were not a problem with Gutenix. Now, the theme is even better. There are more options to customize a site of any complexity.

Look at new features of Gutenix:

  • adaptive font size (Site Title, Tagline, Body, Headings, Input Text, Footer Widget Title, Footer Content); 
  • page templates (canvas, full width); 
  • content and heading typography (responsive font size, alignment); 
  • vertical menu (responsive menu and submenu items size, menu background, background transparency settings); 
  • site tite stylization settings (typography settings, color); 
  • tagline positioning (inline with logo, after logo); 
  • footer widgets area improvements (responsive vertical gap, background settings); 
  • footer bar (responsive vertical gap, background settings);
  • adaptive padding.

Gutenix Theme in Subscription?

In case, you are about to start a new site or customize an old one. There is no surprise, as the recently updated Gutenix theme deserves your attention. Moreover, it’s free. However, it’s not all!

We would like to bring into your consideration the new Gutenix WordPress theme subscription. It offers a number of advantages for the work with Elementor, Gutenberg, and Brizy. For example:

  • 12 templates for Elementor. Each of them is a perfect start with the favorite builder. Stylish and powerful. Would you like to check them?
  • 9 multifunctional theme templates for Gutenberg will always help your web projects to stand. Moreover, the subscription includes the ZeGuten addon for the Gutenberg builder.
  • For Brizy, there are also special pre-styled templates to enjoy. As well, they go with extra settings.

When may you need the 3 mentioned builders at the same time? For sure, the question doesn’t require an answer. Still, many developers who involved in numerous projects will or already like Gutenix. If you are a beginner or just want your own WordPress website Gutenix is the right option for you. The theme is absolutely free and gives you an array of choices. Try working with Elementor, Brizy, and Gutenberg to decide which one is the best for you. It’s also a great chance to polish your skills in WordPress.

Subscription Plans for Gutenix WordPress Theme

As for the Gutenix WordPress theme subscription. It goes with 3 pricing plans. The first one is a good starter package that is fully free. There are also two premium plans, annual and lifetime.

Gutenix WordPress theme

Free Subscription includes a free version of the Gutenix theme, 6 free templates for Gutenberg, Brizy, and Elementor, and unlimited use of a website.

Annual Subscription is also available with a 50% discount! For the first clients, the cost will be only $49! 

Also, Lifetime Subscription goes with the mentioned 50% discount. It costs $125 and provides unlimited access to updates and new products of the Gutenix free WordPress theme!

They both offer the next benefits:

  • the Gutenix free version; 
  • the GutenixPro plugin for more functionality;
  • the ZeGuten plugin with premium blocks for the Gutenberg editor.
  • 30+ templates for different builders;
  • 6 new templates will be added monthly!

So, choose a pricing plan and subscribe to the updated Gutenix WordPress theme! 

Gutenix Subscription: Effectual Way to Raise Your Business
Prew post

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