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Top Premium Blocks for Gutenberg Editor: 5+ Best Plugins


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Top 5 Gutenberg posts plugins
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  • May 29, 2020
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Top Premium Blocks for Gutenberg Editor: 5+ Best Plugins

Recently you have noticed something strange? Maybe your workflow became tedious and you need new solutions?  For this reason, there are Gutenberg blocks. Surely, you have already encountered these blocks. What is special about them? Exactly, draggable blocks are the icing on the cake.

WordPress 5.0 offers you such a helpful package of content blocks which includes a paragraph, button, lists, etc. Nowadays, it’s necessary to obtain the additional plugins that can boost the functionality of the Gutenberg and simultaneously make the workflow easier and attractive. 

In case, you are ready for improving and expanding the options of content blocks, let’s take a look at the top premium blocks for Gutenberg. We have gathered 5 the most functional and various blocks for you. 

So, don’t waste the time and dive into this topic with us right now!

Powerful and useful Gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress website

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of multiple plugins for Gutenberg on the Internet. Although, not all of them are worth your attention. So, we have picked top premium blocks for Gutenberg that are oriented both on a single purpose and numerous blocks collection. Which one is better and which one to use? It’s just your solution.  Get more information in the list below.

ZeGuten plugin

The first in our list of top premium blocks for Gutenberg is a ZeGuten plugin. What’s this? ZeGuten is a collection of various blocks that will help you to build the content quickly. No more spaghetti code to create the page, choose the structure you need, and showcase the crazy ideas. 

What does ZeGuten come with? Exactly, with the set of more than 10 blocks such as: 

  • Animated box – it’s time to flip the box and showcase the content in the most elegant way; 
  • Carousel – apply this  WordPress block to build an online store, a blog page that will move and display your limitless ideas; 
  • Countdown timer – let the customers be aware of the latest upcoming events, discounts on any type of screen;  
  • Subscribe – always stay in touch with the clients using the Gutenberg form builder;  
  • Circle progress – introduce the aims you’ve achieved through such an amusing way. 

You can get acquainted with the rest of the blocks here

You don’t require additional page builders to use, mind you. While working with ZeGuten everything will be hand over hand that means your workflow will become fast and pleasant. 

Advanced Gutenberg plugin

If we talk about the multifunctional plugins that can provide your Gutenberg website with the diversity of options and possibilities. Take a look at the Advanced Gutenberg plugin that contains more than 20 blocks for the stable and multivarious workflow. 

Let us take a closer look at this plugin and showcase its blocks:

  • Advanced button block –  it will create the button on the page according to the style you want, everything is customizable; 
  • Tabs block –  need to display the tab on your webpage? This one will be a great helper in showcasing the content;  
  • Contact form block –  keep in touch with the customers through the functional contact form; 
  • Advanced list block – stop dreaming about the attractive list and start creating it be the means of the custom icon list and pack of the settings; 
  • Social links block – become closer to the clients via the social network and the special design of the social media icons and links;  

This is not the whole set of the available features in the Advanced Gutenberg plugin from our top premium blocks for Gutenberg list. You can always learn more about the options through the link

Blockspare plugin

Blockspare, the plugin with more than 100 + pre-designed emerging block layouts, is a plugin for custom WordPress blocks that provides both a free version and a premium version with more options. The plugin gives you advanced Content Box blocks to manage the design of your page section, with more control over elements such as title , description, text, button, etc.

Here is a list of several features what will you obtain with this plugin: 

  • Accordion – designed for expanding and collapsible contents like FAQs; 
  • Content Box – predefined set of shape and side of image with title, subtitle, description and button elements; 
  • Call to Action – redefine your call to action section in an outstanding way with the help of mandatory items like image, texts, color and button;  
  • Notice Bar – simply, notices, warnings and announcements should have its own design as it to be noticed;  
  • Social Sharing – let other people do share your contents to the leading web portals. 

You can get acquainted with the rest of the blocks here

Moreover, the plugin makes quick customisation of your sections. You can change the fonts, set the margins and padding, select colors, etc. Learn more about the options through the link

Envira Gallery plugin

Let’s not beat around the bush and let’s say honestly, that the very first thing that attracts the customers is the visual part of the website. What can help you to make it more tasty-looking? Exactly this is the gallery plugin for WordPress. It’s called Envira Gallery and is ready to beautify your webpage with numerous photos in preferable layouts. 

It’s time to discover why the Envira Gallery plugin deserves your attention: 

  • Gallery templates included – gives the possibility to apply the ready-made templates that allow customizing the look of the gallery quickly;
  • Watermark protection – what can be better than built-in protection by dint of the watermarks, passwords, etc on the photos;
  • Slideshow and fullscreen – vary the page with slideshows and using the fullscreen mode;
  • Responsive mobile-friendly – any website built with this plugin will look perfectly on a mobile device thanks to the responsiveness; 
  • Video support – add to the pages not only the photos but videos, that will add the motions to the website and make it more alive; 

All these and even more advanced features you will find here

Stackable plugin

So, we will continue our review of the top premium blocks for Gutenberg, and the next one to describe if the Stackable plugin. This is a huge library of blocks that wonderfully fit your WordPress theme. 

Here is a list of what will you obtain with this plugin:

  • 24 powerful blocks for convenient page building in Gutenberg editor
  • Fully responsive blocks and dozens of settings for its customization;
  • Hover effects; 
  •  Numerous image and style options; 

Which blocks come with the Stackable? 

  • Container block;
  • Posts block;
  • Image box block;
  • Header block;
  • Pricing box block;

And many other functional Gutenberg blocks you may find via the link. Also, pay attention to the design of these blocks that is usable and extremely pleasant. 

WPForms plugin

At the end of our list of top premium blocks for Gutenberg meet the WPForms plugin. It’s perfect for any WordPress theme that you need to build with the blocks. This one will give you the only one block for creating forms, although it’s highly functional and rich. So, let’s take a glance at its features. 

User-friendly and powerful, why? Here are some reasons:

  • Easy to embed – insert a new form in a blog post, widgets, footer, or everywhere you want;
  • Form templates – get the diversity of the templates that are pre-built and allows you to save your time while creating; 
  • Subscriptions – create the subscription form that you can connect with  any marketing service without efforts;
  • Spam protection – no spam with the built-in captcha;
  • Instant notifications – get the notifications immediately and respond to them at the same moment. 

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