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Category: Beginner’s guide

How to do the block recovery in Gutenberg

From today’s quick and simple tutorial we will figure out how to recover a broken block in the Gutenberg editor. Although the Gutenberg editor is native and inbuilt since WordPress 5.0, which assumes that there must not be bugs, some situations still may cause troubles. Sometimes blocks in Gutenberg may break because of a few…

How to build a Hero section WordPress block with Gutenberg

In this quick and simple tutorial, we will figure out how to build a Hero section WordPress block, and also how to customize it. First things first, let’s dive into the main idea of the “welcome” Hero block. This section might consist of pretty many elements and one of the specific element is the fullwidth…

How to work with WordPress customizer and Reusable blocks

Have you ever felt the need to expand the possibilities of your editor and add some custom styles to the elements? Whether you want to broaden the customization in WordPress widely or simply add paddings, Gutenberg allows you to use additional free WordPress customizer CSS options for its bocks. From this quick and simple tutorial,…

Quick and simple SEO landing page optimization tips

From this quick and simple tutorial, we will figure out what is SEO landing page optimization, how to create content and titles hierarchy and promote your website in the streets of cyberspace. We will also learn why and how to create robots.txt and sitemap.xml files. For most web developers, whether they are only making their…

Planning out a layout of Gutenberg landing page

Today it’s our third lesson and we are going to decide about the landing page layout. However, before starting to build a website, you need to decide on its concept. Do you want a minimalistic landing page only equipped with the basic blocks without tonnes of tiresome text? Or maybe you are dreaming to create…

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