While you’re busy running your business, changes are happening in the digital world that can have a huge impact on how your website performs in terms of visitors, sales leads, and conversions – which is why it is important that you consider a responsive website using responsive WordPress Themes or HTML templates as soon as possible.

Search habits have changed quite dramatically over the years, with more and more people using smartphones and tablets to access the Internet. The problem is, because of the way old websites are designed, many of them don’t adapt to suit these different screen sizes and interfaces; but with a responsive HTML template or a responsive wordPress theme, you can soon bring your site up-to-date and capture those all important mobile visitors.

An HTML/WordPress template is cost-effective and easy to use

A higher volume of website traffic means more sales, it’s as simple as that. Statistics vary depending on the source, but it’s generally accepted that around 50% of Internet browsing is now done through mobile devices – it’s far too large an audience to ignore. The problem is that for many businesses who’ve already invested in design and development costs, they’re worried about the financial implications of creating a responsive website to capture this market. That’s the beauty of HTML and WordPress templates; because you’re not starting from scratch with a custom site, they won’t cost the earth.

By using a responsive WordPress theme or template you can take the foundations of your existing website and create a responsive version relatively easily. If you have some understanding of HTML or WordPress, you can do this yourself – and in fact, by their very nature they’re so easy to work with that even without any HTML or WordPress experience, you can still achieve great results with them. With a responsive WordPress theme or HTML template, the hard work is done for you – you just need to fill it in, a little like ‘paint by numbers.

Professional help with your responsive website

If you don’t feel confident, or don’t have the time to work with your template yourself, there are plenty of developers who specialise in WordPress and HTML templates who will be more than happy to help. An advantage of taking this approach is that a developer may be able to bend your template or WordPress theme to their will, giving you the option to add extra functions or change things a little to get exactly what you want. However, by choosing the right one in the first place, you’ll be able to get all of the features and functionality that you want so that your website works well regardless of the device used to access it.

As hardware technology changes, we’re incredibly fortunate that these more cost effective options are available to help us move along with the time. There are so many responsive WordPress themes and templates available that your choices are almost limitless. You can either search for the right WordPress or HTML template yourself, or enlist the help of a professional who will be able to identify the right one for your requirements. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that you get your responsive website up and running as soon as you can to avoid missing out on many potential business leads.

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