While some companies use their website’s HTML template with flair to attract increasing numbers of curious visitors, other firms struggle with understanding not only what a responsive website really is, but how they can change and adapt it to suit their needs. Part of the reason for this struggle is the speed at which technology advances. As little as 5 years ago, a responsive website was one which was designed to work well with a number of different browsers. Add good navigation and that was about it – providing the HTML template enabled that, you were doing fine. Nowadays, browser support alone isn’t enough to guarantee you a steady stream of income. Forget about the mobile customers and not only do you appear behind-the-times, but your site will be easily forgettable: one of the worst things that any website – and business – can suffer from.

The good news, even for those who aren’t familiar with the HTML template and its close relative the responsive website, is that the WordPress template is here to save the day. WordPress are one of the biggest trailblazing forces behind responsive website design at the moment, and one look at what they have to offer will reveal a vast range of website styles which work just as well on Google Chrome as the latest mobile browser on your flashy new Samsung device.

The responsive website revolution is here, so be sure to take full advantage

The best thing about a user-friendly, responsive website, is that it’ll increase your company’s profit and traffic without the need to completely restructure your company image. It all begins, of course, with the browsing experience – your one chance to make an impact and create a good impression. A quality WordPress template will firstly ensure that users can easily navigate the site. As each HTML template is designed to work on many different screen sizes, resolutions and types, when loaded up, it’ll easily adapt to its new environment, morphing and changing so that none of the original quality is lost and the design remains just as sharp as always. This will inevitably mean that your responsive WordPress theme looks slightly different on different devices, but modern users expect such tweaks and changes. The statistics show that a responsive website makes a serious difference on a number of levels. Not only will new visitors to the site be more confident in your work, but they are also likely to be familiar with the speed and efficiency of a responsive website that behaves as they would expect. In other words, they’ll forget about the technical things and find themselves immersed and intrigued by what you do!

With so much competition, a responsive HTML template is vital

Once, a responsive website was a nice luxury. Now, with E-commerce and mobile devices intrinsically linked, not implementing a responsive WordPress theme or similar is a serious barrier between you and your audience.

Another great thing about a responsive website, of course, is that adding videos and more technical widgets is easier than ever before. With no clunky coding getting in the way, a modern responsive HTML template works at the speed your visitors expect to surf at.

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