When you look back through time to the first years when websites first appeared, it’s easy to be envious. Back then, phrases such as premium WordPress theme or responsive WordPress theme and responsive HTML template were completely unheard of. Close to science-fiction. Instead of worrying themselves about the latest responsive website design ideas, the web designers of yesteryear worried about making sure their sites worked on all the computer monitors out there, using decent Responsive HTML template software. Though this was a task that required diligence and obvious skill, it has to be said that building a Mobile First website is that much more involved.

So the point goes like this: nowadays, if your business engages the mobile consumer, then you have little choice but to use a premium HTML template or responsive WordPress theme to your advantage. Failure to do so – and employ a WordPress theme that’s stylish and engaging, holding their attention – is a very bad idea.

What mobile first is and how businesses can use a responsive website to appeal to everyone

Mobile First is at the heart of responsive website design. Simply explained, this concept is all about turning conventional web design on its head and going a completely new route that favours those who like their touch-screen technology.

The idea with this is actually very simple. Forget about the classic way websites were created and do it different. By designing for mobile devices first and foremost, and then upgrading that responsive website design to suit the bigger screens, the technology is tailor-made for an enormous number of people who only use ipads. So if your company is one which gets a lot of its business from the tablet user, using a responsive HTML template is not really something that you can ignore. You might use a computer, but that doesn’t matter if everyone buying your stuff uses a smart-phone or tablet.

Use a responsive WordPress theme and you’ll be winning

Firms that focus their efforts on creating a mobile friendly, responsive website, see much better results than companies who slave away on sites that don’t load-up when a tablet gets involved. So, when you think about it, the advantages of using a premium HTML template – and making menus easy for people to use – are too numerous to ignore: by doing this, you’re putting all the information right there when it needs to be.

Another great thing about responsive website design is that it looks great on computers and it works very well for sites which encourage a lot of scrolling around. Instead of the screen going funny, and various buttons not appearing where they should be, a quality responsive website will appear more consistent and more professional, loading fast and working swiftly as a consumer makes decisions. The result? Your website looks just as good as your customer service, and people who come to see what you have to offer go away telling their friends “I saw this great responsive website today, you should check it out…”.

Other less obvious advantages include: a better way to hand your site over to a new designer in the future, and a happy working relationship with your tirelessly working designer in the present. By employing a premium WordPress theme that looks just as good as it functions, you can add widgets whenever you want and keep your online business well and truly alive.

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