WordPress plugins are tools that make working on the CMS platform simple and hassle free.  Along with adding various functionalities to WordPress, these plugins are essential in effective structuring of website. For an ecommerce site built on WordPress shopping cart plugin is a compulsory tool.

Working with different plugins may sometimes be difficult as all plugins do not work well with each other. Hence it is necessary to choose the correct plugins that works well for your site as well as for your site visitors.

It is always advised that you choose a plugin from a trusted website. It is also necessary to follow few necessary criteria before you choose a shopping cart plugin for your website.

Considerable Criteria

Gather Knowledge – Before you choose a WordPress plugin, it is necessary to gather extensive knowledge of an ecommerce site and how it works. Before adding a plugin, calculation of various taxes in different zones are important. Be clear on what kind of products you are selling on your site. Maintaining of proper sales record and PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards is important.

Do you Need a Global Cart – Normally, most of WP shopping cart plugins work well for a single site. However, if you create multiple sites, you would require a global cart. Your list will then comprise of a few plugins. These include MarketPress by WPMU Dev and WP e-Commerce by getshopped.org. These are the two most used shopping cart plugins that are currently being used globally. There is however a host of other WordPress shopping carts plugins that have come up in the recent years.

Product Bundles – Your customers can buy a single product at a time. But they can also purchase multiple products. This is called product bundle. Purchase of product bundle is a complex process as inventory management decrements. Sometimes it may so happen that purchasing a single product is not viable. For this you have to force the additional products into the cart. WooCommerce is one such plugin that works best in these kinds of shopping carts.

Payment Security – Having two minds while giving away credit card number is one issue that has been one of the main obstacles for e-commerce. While choosing a product is easy, the tough part comes when the customer needs to give out their credit card numbers. Most e-commerce sites use PayPal for their payment gateway. However, it has been seen that conversion rates drop the most in this stage of shopping. Cart66, a shopping cart plugin, hosts their own payment. Your customer can choose from 90 payment gateways if you use Cart66.

Digital Download – Sites selling PDF or MP3/4 files need to have a quick download option. Simple and fast download is always craved for. And the plugin Easy Digital Downloads provides you just that. Using this shopping cart plugin, would allow your customers to download files much faster. Loaded with extensible codes and extensions, you can use it for anything.

Physical Products – If you think of selling physical product, you need to keep in mind many following criteria that you need to fulfill. Firstly you need to price the product accurately. This price would include taxes, service charges and shipping charges (if any) etc. In case of digital files, you need to make it secure so that it is in display but is not downloadable. If you have a similar idea in mind, Cart66 and WooCommerce and <small rant> are the best shopping cart plugins for you.

Personalize – To give your shopping cart plugin a personal touch, you can customize it. Shopp, a WordPress plugin, allows you to make changes to give it a personal touch to your shopping cart. However, from performance perspective, this sometimes tends to be a problem as huge data is stored in the Meta tables. To prevent such hassles, you can also use Easy Digital Downloads. Because of clean and easy codes, these are much preferred by developers, mainly creating a digital download site.

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