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Reclame Responsive WordPress Theme

Here we have a feature rich and beautiful responsive WordPress Theme which is also comes with a complete responsive layout and also fully tested on all mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and table... Read more
Category: Premium themes, RWD, RWD technology

Wellios Responsive WordPress Theme

This responsive WordPress Theme with its fully responsive layout is fully tested on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. (more…)... Read more
Category: Premium themes, RWD, RWD technology

Our Responsive Web Design World in 2012

Now, that this year is almost over and we’re on the verge of a new one, we just wanted to share what 2012 was like for us and what we're looking forward to in 2013 in the world of responsive websites. All of us here... Read more
Category: Our news, RWD, RWD technology

Don’t do a responsive site and see what happens!

Do you have a site? Is it responsive? No? Then sit tight and get some popcorn. Today we are not going to give you any tips or discuss the beauty of technology. We are going to talk about your site and try to figure out... Read more
Category: RWD, RWD technology

Responsive site. Step 2: Adjust your code

In our last article, we discussed how you need to start optimizing your site if you want to make it responsive. In this article, we will discuss the ways that will make your markup more adaptive. (more…)... Read more
Category: RWD, RWD technology

Responsive site. Step 1: Investigate and Design

We’ve written a lot about the advantages of a responsive site and what it does for your visitors. We have also created a couple of free templates to demonstrate this approach. Now let’s think about what you need to d... Read more
Category: RWD, RWD technology

Responsive jQuery plugin – FlexSlider feat. Kwiks

Like we said before, developers on our team really like to experiment with responsive websites. Here is one of our latest works. A lot of times we use FlexSider and Kwicks - for our projects. These are very simple too... Read more
Category: Our Giveaways, RWD technology

Forms in responsive site

Forms - are the only elements on the site, which help a user interact with the site directly. It is impossible to organize the work of the Internet store, blog, news portal or any other interactive site without forms. (... Read more
Category: RWD technology

Importance of Responsive Websites

It is safe to say that each one of us has surfed the web through a smartphone or tablet before. In fact, it has become a usual thing for some. Why? The answer is as simple as the sky is blue. Modern mobile devices give a... Read more
Category: Our news, RWD technology

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